17 Oktober 2009

Merokoklah kamu sepuas-puasnya

From CIA official statistics:

* Total World Population: 6.5 Billion
* Total Muslims in the world : 2 Billion
* Total Smokers in the world : 1.15 billion
* Total muslim smokers in the world : 400 million
* Largest Cigarette maker is Phillip Morris
* Phillip Morris donates 12% profits to Israel
* Total Muslim money to Morris $800 million DAILY
* Average profit margin is 10%
* Average profit for Morris is $80 million DAILY
* Thus $9.6 million of Muslim money goes to Israel every single DAY.......yes DAY!!!

Pass this on to all the muslims you can and don't help funding the Jews to kill our brothers. May ALLAH forgive us all.

Boycot Terrorist Products. The first two or three digits of a 13 digit
(EAN-13) barcode identify the country in which the manufacturer's
identification code was assigned. By purchasing products with a barcode
beginning with the following digits you will be helping terrorist economies
and terrorist governments kill more innocent civillians.

Boycot products having barcodes beginning with the following digits:

729: Israel
00 - 09: USA
50: UK


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